As visionary as vision can be

Industrial automation has already taken giant steps since the first robotic arms entered factories. Today, the Flemish start-up Pick-it, pushes the boundaries of the possible by giving these robots eyes, letting them look and anticipate on the...

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Cobots: A Growth Market Within A Growth Market

The days where the only place for robots was in a factory, shielded from human cooperation using protective panels, are ending. Enter the cobot (collaborative robot), already working side by side with humans in thousands of factories all over the...

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Great examples of automated bin picking by Pick-it 3D

Automated bin picking offers a variety of solutions. Here are four cases where Pick-it 3D’s automated bin picking made an impact for both robots and their respective companies.

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Why bin picking is so difficult

As humans, it’s easy for us to pick up our smartphone and put it in our pocket. It’s a movement we carry out dozens of times per day, burnt into our muscle memory. For any robot out there, it’s a whole different ball game.

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Case study: Automating a kitting task with Pick-it

At Benelli, an Italian sportsgun manufacturer, the introduction of robots with 3D vision was a necessary step to meet its increased production and quality demands. The company now installed one robot, equipped with a Pick-it 3D vision system,...

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Pick-it presents Pick-it 2.0

The smartest, most powerful 3D vision system for your robot. Even faster 3D detections. A future-proof platform. And a high definition 3D camera, to pick small parts with extreme accuracy.

Pick-it 2.0 is everything you love about Pick-it, simply...

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Boost your production with Pick-it version 1.10

Pick-it is proud to announce the release of a new software version 1.10! Here’s what can you expect from this release: Bin picking will become more accurate and reliable. You will be able to attach two cameras instead of one to your Pick-it...

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3 key insights about the robotics industry in 2018

At our Pick-it booth at Automatica, the biggest automation trade fair in the world, we conducted a market survey to gain more insights in how production facilities are using robots to automate their production and what their perception of robot...

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Pick-it receives 2.5 million euros growth capital

Pick-it, a Leuven scale-up, acquires a capital injection of €2.5 million from Urbain Vandeurzen and PMV to reinforce its ambition to gives eyes to robots all over the world. This will allow Pick-it to continue and intensify its steep growth curve...

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