We showed our products with your parts at Pickit's first Demo Day

A giant KUKA, an ABB, a Universal Robot and lots and lots of Pickit vision systems: those were the main ingredients of Pickit's first Demo Day, which took place on April 23rd in our hometown Leuven. Our certified partners and their customers were...

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I know why you're confused about bin picking

Forgive me for the clickbait title, but I just had to get your attention. Some robotics related articles that appeared online recently really - how shall I put this gently - raised my eyebrows. They claimed 'robotic vision being solved', 'robots...

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Case Study: How Talen Tools solved labor shortage with Pickit

Recent studies show that 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will be created in the next decade in the US alone due to retirements and natural growth of the industry. However, many job-seekers aren’t interested in doing the repetitive and dull tasks...

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How an engineer became the Korean country director of Pickit

Hi, I’m Koosy (Seongyong Koo), and I want to tell you the story of how I became the Korean country director of an ambitious Belgian company called Pickit.

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As visionary as vision can be

Industrial automation has already taken giant steps since the first robotic arms entered factories. Today, the Flemish start-up Pick-it, pushes the boundaries of the possible by giving these robots eyes, letting them look and anticipate on the...

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Cobots: A Growth Market Within A Growth Market

The days where the only place for robots was in a factory, shielded from human cooperation using protective panels, are ending. Enter the cobot (collaborative robot), already working side by side with humans in thousands of factories all over the...

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Great examples of automated bin picking by Pick-it 3D

Automated bin picking offers a variety of solutions. Here are four cases where Pick-it 3D’s automated bin picking made an impact for both robots and their respective companies.

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Why bin picking is so difficult

As humans, it’s easy for us to pick up our smartphone and put it in our pocket. It’s a movement we carry out dozens of times per day, burnt into our muscle memory. For any robot out there, it’s a whole different ball game.

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Case study: Automating a kitting task with Pick-it

At Benelli, an Italian sportsgun manufacturer, the introduction of robots with 3D vision was a necessary step to meet its increased production and quality demands. The company now installed one robot, equipped with a Pick-it 3D vision system,...

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