Vision to avoid collision: How JMPT Korea addressed automation challenges with ABB robots and Pickit 3D vision

Are you considering automation, but you're not sure if you're ready for robots with eyes? Let's have a look at the automation possibilities and find out why it is now a necessity.

Why Automation is the need of the hour?

How will businesses look like in a post-crisis world? The ongoing pandemic is a testament to the fact that automation is the need of the hour to sustain the larger economic cycle. A crisis may strike in any form and is often out of human control. Many companies are accelerating investments in automation to make their businesses pandemic-proof because automation helps drive long-term success.

Watch the video below or read along to find out how JINMYUNG POWERTECH,improved machine loading and has achieved collision-free bin picking using the Pickit 3D solution.


A new paradigm

Operational flexibility to meet demand changes

Flexibility in automation requires small production batches. You need to be able to switch production quickly, for example, changing a beer plant into a sanitizer production plant within a week, or start producing ventilators using car parts.

A new level of health and safety requirements

Workforce welfare is becoming a top priority across industries. Ensuring a new level of health and safety requirements implies that autonomous operations in manufacturing should become the new norm.

CNC machines paired with automation 

CNC machines have been a staple of manufacturers, but they are now being paired with automation systems and simulation software to increase efficiency of production.
JMPT production lines. CNC machines paired with automation
JINMYUNG POWERTECH faced the challenges of bin picking and machine loading to the CNC machine for shaft production. Workers repeatedly performed the tedious task of picking and placing the heavy parts manually every time. Mr. Jung of JMPT resorted to the use of as many robots as possible to improve the process and workers welfare. But the robots themselves still face the challenge of collision in bin picking applications. A blind robot is never a good idea when trying to replicate human tasks. There comes in the Pickit 3D vision solution.

Gripper challenge

Next, the integrators from ABB Korea observed that vacuum or magnetic grippers are typical for picking cylindrical parts without collision to other parts. However, this application required placing the parts with high accuracy. Two-finger gripper is a better choice for rotating and placing the parts with high accuracy.
Bin picking with the two-finger gripper is challenging due to the collision of the gripper with other parts. But giving up the accurate placement was not an option. No 3D vision solutions could solve this collision issue.
JMPT faced the challenges of bin picking and machine loading to the CNC machine for shaft production.

How Pickit resolved the challenges, one step at a time

Pick with ease

Pickit finds part from bin

Pickit 3D vision systems can not only detect the part, but it also determines the best pick points of the part without collision to other objects next to the gripper. All thanks to our multiple pick points and tool modeling features.

Place with precision

Pickit 3D vision checks orientation

Two-finger gripper places shafts on the fixture, where Pickit checks orientation.

Unload the part after machining

Pickit 3D vision detects empty slot to place the manufactured part after machining

Pickit also finds the empty slot in a tray to place the manufactured part after machining.
JMPT automated two CNC lines (two robots with one Pickit system each). They are confident of installing more Pickit 3D solutions and ABB robots and develop the system all by themselves next time.

The benefits of automation using Pickit

JMPT is one of the hundreds of companies worldwide that have been convinced by the advantages of automating your production processes using Pickit. Ease of use, flexibility, and very reliable support of Pickit makes automation life simple. You've got to find a way to turn your business crisis-proof and minimize dependency on external changes. Automation is your answer, and Pickit is your solution.

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