Belgian minister of Justice eyes Pick-it’s robot vision

 Our recent accolades apparently didn’t go unnoticed, even with Koen Geens, the current minister of Justice in the federal Belgian government. On January 19th, he visited our offices for an in-depth demo of our robot vision product together with students from a local high school.

Founders of Pick-it: Peter Soetens, Ruben Smits and Bert Willaert

“At the justice department we are constantly taking steps towards a more digital future, so it is great to experience cutting-edge technology first hand at Pick-it. Their plug-and-play software allowing robots to perform routine and sometimes dangerous tasks is very impressive”, Geens stated.

High praise like this motivates all of us at Pick-it even more to keep improving our successful product.

Picture of Bart Houben

Meet Bart Houben

VP of Product

Bart leads the Pick-it sales, support and marketing teams at Pick-it and is responsible for all visual changes to the Pick-it product. With his UX experience and keen eye for details, Bart is constantly working to make robot vision easy for anyone.

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