Software release 2.2: Use Pickit with CAD models and multiple & flexible pick points

The year’s almost over - but there’s one thing we really wanted to do before we kick off 2020: release a software update with fantastic new features. What’s in it for you? Use CAD models for teaching your parts and benefit from multiple and...

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Automation roadmap: when should you start with vision?

Are you considering automation, but you're not sure if you're ready for robots with eyes? Let's have a look at the automation possibilities and find out which is the right way to go for your projects.

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Why this Danish CEO believes automation is the future

Morten Lauritsen, Managing Director at the Danish manufacturing company Stantraek, believes everyone should make automation a part of our DNA. According to him, we need to be focused on automation so we can stay competitive and keep moving...

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How 30 Fanuc robots and Pickit systems optimise internal transportation at GKN

GKN is a global tier one automotive supplier dedicated to delivering mass production solutions for mobility. More than 50% of the 81 million new cars sold in 2018 contained GKN automotive technology. Normally they are the one to deliver solutions...

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Discover the ins & outs of 3D vision for robots in our podcast!

Learn about the 3D technology Pickit has introduced to the market place - how it helps with singulation, what the ROI looks like, and what applications Pickit's cameras are best suited for. Listen to the interview with our in-house bin picking...

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Bin picking, the holy grail? We teach you how to do it!

Five Universal Robots, five Pickit M-HD cameras, five Robotiq grippers and fifteen attendees... The perfect cocktail for an exciting day in the Universal Robots Munich office. You had never worked with a robot before? No problem, we had you bin...

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Case Study: Meet Elmer, the smart robot that picks 500 parts every hour with Pickit's help

Adam Wiltsie, plant manager at Vanamatic company, had 30 people cycle through a CNC operation in a year. It got increasingly hard to keep people in these positions, as labor shortage is high and people prefer doing value added tasks rather than...

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Case Study: How Pickit allows an operator to do two jobs at once

“Michigan’s unemployment rate is 4% right now, it’s at a 10 year low, which is great for the economy - but trying to find employees to fill the positions we have - not many people want to work in manufacturing anymore, that’s a big issue.”

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Case Study: How to use 3D vision for dull, dirty and dangerous tasks.

Manufacturing is often characterised by 3D tasks: they’re dull, dirty and dangerous. Many workers in manufacturing still spend their days performing repetitive actions in a noisy, messy and hazardous environment. This can affect employee welfare...

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