Boost your production with Pick-it version 1.10

Pick-it is proud to announce the release of a new software version 1.10! Here’s what can you expect from this release: Bin picking will become more accurate and reliable. You will be able to attach two cameras instead of one to your Pick-it...

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3 key insights about the robotics industry in 2018

At our Pick-it booth at Automatica, the biggest automation trade fair in the world, we conducted a market survey to gain more insights in how production facilities are using robots to automate their production and what their perception of robot...

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Pick-it receives 2.5 million euros growth capital

Pick-it, a Leuven scale-up, acquires a capital injection of €2.5 million from Urbain Vandeurzen and PMV to reinforce its ambition to gives eyes to robots all over the world. This will allow Pick-it to continue and intensify its steep growth curve...

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Pick-it launches a certified channel network

At Pick-it, our focus has always been on delivering our top-notch robot vision tools with the highest possible usability and backed up by our outstanding customer support to help as many organisations as possible in automating repetitive tasks....
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Releasing software version 1.9

Behind the scenes, our Pick-it software engineers and vision experts are constantly working on new software features to support our customer needs. They’re doing a tremendous job to keep improving our product, one release after another. Today,...

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First pick on the first day challenge

At Pick-it we strive for the first pick on the first day. We want to build a flexible vision product that is intuitive to use and easy to integrate with your robot to make our customers focus on their application only.

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Presenting pallet-size automation with Pick-it L

At Pick-it, we are happy to announce our new product Pick-it L, specially designed for pallet-size automation. Continue reading to learn more or first watch our demonstration video.

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We were visited by the Franka robot

Last week we here at Pick-it had the opportunity to get our hands on a Franka   cobot   for a few hours. Robbin Mennings of WiredWorkers, the benelux distributor of the robots, was kind enough to share his views on the opportunities for cobots...
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Belgian minister of Justice eyes Pick-it’s robot vision

  Our recent accolades apparently didn’t go unnoticed, even with Koen Geens, the current minister of Justice in the federal Belgian government. On January 19th, he visited our offices for an in-depth demo of our robot vision product together...
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